Can Flaxseed Help Thyroid Problems?

Can Flaxseed Help Thyroid Problems?

With more and more people struggling with thyroid related issues, medical professionals are looking for ways to limit, maintain, and end these concerns.


Some of the solutions have been medicine based, stopping or adding different food products (like flaxseed), and other natural remedies.


But, researchers are still trying to get the bottom of why the body has so many thyroid problems that occur in men and women alike.

To start, people need to be reminded of a few things. The thyroid gland looks like a small butterfly, and it is right under the Adam’s apple around the neck.


The gland’s job is to keep the endocrine system working properly. This includes things like regulating the metabolism of the body and coordinating signals back and forth.


What the thyroid gland uses is iodine to produce two hormones, T3 and T4, or thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Statistics show that about 10% of people across the world have some form of thyroid dysfunction.


This makes up about 700 million people around the world struggling to bring consistency back to their body. When imbalances occur, the thyroid either produces too little or too many hormones.


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